Thinking you last night,

when moonlight was glancing on water,

it’s shadow like you

your love some memories,

make me happy and sad at same

In my pensive mood,

I remember when you came,

with an amiable smile

Oh lovely! your dimple

when dig your cheeks so deep,

O my stunning love!

how do you sing so amazing

I got deaf but your voice,

I can’t kick that time too

when i was on my last leg,

and you gave me your shoulder,

you’re the reason behind

my every smile and its forever

but now my life gets ominous,

despair and all vacant

My eyes got wet when you gone away,

I wish, you’d come back for a while,

our spirits might embrace like angels

Oh that memories and you!

always stick to my heart

every night.1450866_567552989959999_1012844218_n



Oh dear!!

When comes evening

Everything goes dark

Hope fades,

Heart bleeds,

Soul astrays,

Tears roll down

Then,in my fancy

You come with

Moonlight that never ends

Lovestick that never bends 

As if everything is just fine.

Someone whispers; 

Oh dear!

It’s a dream

It’s a dream

Awakening knocks

And it’s all vacant and lonely.
Dated: 25/08/2015